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Skyfinch's solution for Payroll Management eliminates the tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone manual data entry by automating most of its procedures and report generations. This luxury is further augmented by other facilities like the ESS portal to give ample scope for HRD personnel to spend more time on strategic tasks to effectively device Manpower Planning, Performance Appraisal, tracking Career History, Training and Development, and other core HR activities.

Solution that simultaneously tracks, appraises, and empowers Human Resources

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  • Skyfinch's robust software platform enables users to simultaneously access and work on multiple levels and layers of data like 20+ employee-data types, reporting hierarchy with organization chart, employee directory, etc.
  • Facility to track and monitor company assets used by employees, enables anytime access to the all information about the assets. This is helpful especially when an employee is promoted or transferred, or resigns
  • The system is built to accommodate more than 30 lifecycle events of each employee and generates automated Reminders & Alerts like birthday/anniversary greetings, welcome note to new recruits, etc.
  • The HR & Payroll module comes with a range of built-in leave policies. Companies without a specific leave policy can choose from that range, the policy that suits the best and be digitally benefited
  • The system allows the company-policy-specific customized configuration of granting/denying leave, leave availing restrictions, week end policies, leave pro rating, leave year end processing, etc
  • Skyfinch gives unlimited scope for defining any number of leave types like, earned leave, sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, etc, and assign exclusive policies for each kind of leave
  • The module is flexible to allow the definition of branch-wise state-specific and/or country-specific holiday policies for companies with branches across national and/or international borders
  • The solution come with the provision of selecting and adding Restricted Holidays (optional holidays) and set rules for these holidays according to the company leave policy
  • Company's holiday list, including both general and restricted holidays can be easily prepared and published
  • The Employee Self Service (ESS) portal completely shifts the responsibility of applying for leave and its approval/rejection, and comp-off granting/denying activities to respective employees and concerned managers
  • The Skyfinch attendance management software captures real-time attendance data from all relevant sources and seamlessly integrates the same with the payroll module
  • Assigning specific login IP address for each employee within the office intranet allows employees to mark their attendance, while still ruling out the possibility of any misuse
  • The latest Geo Mark feature allows employees to mark their attendance within the predefined coordinates set for the office premises or from on-site client locations using Skyfinch Mobile App
  • Managers can assign or change the shifts of their team members through the ease of the ESS portal
  • Attendance regularization can be done through the ESS portal by employees themselves. This will trigger a notification to the manager and the manager can review and approve or disapprove regularization requests in real time.
  • Skyfinch HR & Payroll module's in-built payroll calculator is flexible to handle any type of salary structure
  • The solution is highly customizable to generate accurate payroll based on company-specific salary structure, specifications, statutory requirements, and employment category for each and every employee
  • The robustness of the system can accommodate any number of standard as well as highly specific salary components in its repository and create salary structures designed to align with all the industry-specific and statutory norms of any business
  • In addition to accommodating all payroll requisites Skyfinch HR & Payroll module also enables the furnishing of reimbursements, loans and advances for the benefit of employees. Such beneficial aspects facilitated by the module are:
  • Extensive reimbursement configurations
  • Monthly/ annual entitlements
  • Claims processing with limit checking
  • Providing loans with multiple repayment and interest options
  • Pausing loan deductions for a specified period
  • Automatic closure on completion of repayment
  • Automatic calculation of perquisites
  • Skyfinch's integrated solution for HR & Payroll automatically calculates and generates accurate payrolls for each employee at the very click of a button as per the pre-defined data and formula registered in the system
  • The solution ensures the accuracy of Payroll through its faculty to verify each payroll by comparing current and previous month'S;s payroll and by facilitating the customization of salary register and payroll statements
  • Skyfinch payroll software, through its integration with the leave and attendance details of employees, seamlessly transfers vital data automatically into the process of payroll generation thereby enabling:
  • Access and select multiple pay-slip formats
  • Process increment components into present salary structure
  • Process one-time payment and deductions
  • Process full-fledged arrears
  • Calculate and automate full and final settlements
  • Calculate LOP and LOP reversals
  • The solution is built to absolutely comply with all statutory requirements and is flexible to accommodate all updates essential for incorporating the necessities that may arise out of all statutory nuances or amendments
  • The following are some of the aspects that the Skyfinch Payroll system provides to ensure the compliance of Payroll with statutory requisites:
  • Monthly ESI computation and Statement generation
  • Gratuity Appropriation
  • PT with all state-specific rules built in
  • Total TDS calculations and online filing of TDS returns
  • Bonus calculations
  • Reporting Labor Welfare Fund calculation and deductions
  • Monthly EPF Statement
  • PF calculation and ECR File Generation
  • The Skyfinch Employee Self-service portal gives the scope to view pay-slips, Reimbursement claims, total earnings statements, Reimbursement/ PF/ YTD statements; and loan details like installments paid, balance payable, etc
  • The system also gives the provision to compare income tax plans and load the best tax-saving plan for payroll consideration; and to submit final IT Proof Of Investments and FBP, reimbursement claims, IT declaration and POI
  • Skyfinch Mobile App for employees and managers brings the concerned HR and payroll related details on to the smart phone device of each employee, thereby enabling them to:
  • View, upload and update information pertaining to income tax, tax-saving plans, deductions, etc; and
  • View pay-slips, total earnings/ PF/ YTD statements
  • The solution's Mobile App facility for managers empowers them to:
  • Approve/reject leave requests of team members with a single tap on their smart phone device
  • View category-wise leave balances, holiday details, and all leave related information of team members
  • Monitor the presence of team members by means of the Geo Mark Attendance Marking feature, which automatically signs-in/signs-out employees the moment they enter/exit the location coordinates that can be predefined for unlimited number of office locations, on-site/customer locations, vendor premises, etc.

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