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Smart Skyfinch is a fully customizable end to end digital solution for all types of businesses. It enhances business performance by integrating all its functional components and digitizing its workflow to save time, increase productivity and maximize return-on-investment (ROI). Integration of all business departments provides unaltered data for all users to rule out mix-ups, and to streamline the workflow. Mobile Applications and Business Intelligence services power the conduct of business at anytime from anywhere, even while on the move.

The Smart Choice for Total Digital Solution for All Business Processes

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  • Quick and easy Billing powered by Barcode scanning, smart name searching, and item code searching facilities
  • Complete Iconographic interface simplifies operability and enhances user-experience through easily understandable visual elements
  • Error-free billing actuated by the facility to easily rectify wrong entries, and the action audit capabilities
  • The scope to create multiple price lists and accept payments in different payment modes improves customer experience
  • Facility to make easy purchase entries prompts apt supplier payments, thereby maintaining stress-free external relationships
  • POS enhances the agility of Purchase management by simplifying and rendering the Inward Entry procedure free of hassles
  • Accurate product costing is actuated by the modules capacity to build buying level product cost upon the Landing Price
  • The system is programmable to automatically project selling price updates according to any change attributed to marked price
  • Level of Stock is automatically updated as when Goods Inward are verified and accounted for in the system
  • The module's integration with inventory captures a clear vector of purchases and stock to accurately forecast the Profit/Gross margin
  • Provision to assign distributor-wise formula enables to arrive at efficient and reasonable distributor margins
  • The tenacity of the module to accommodate more than 100,000 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), enables the effortless and efficient management of large inventories with diverse product categories
  • The system is customizable to design the categories and sub-categories of the Inventory to have a better understanding and visibility through personalized screens
  • Any change in the category level of products can be easily incorporated into the solution
  • The module offers clear visibility of the rolled up totals for any category level of the Inventory
  • The Dynamic Drill Down view presents a vivid picture of the Inventory status
  • Actual Vs Estimated stock audits can be conducted at any time to easily and quickly find if there are discrepancies
  • Support of excel files while doing stock audits is a great advantage
  • Simple steps to create Customer Record enhances user-experience
  • Segmenting Customers based on various categories gives clarity in choosing the most effective area of focus for campaigns and reap maximum benefits
  • Tracking and maintaining customers transaction level with the business empowers to assign customer-specific Credit Limits
  • The facility to track and monitor Receivables pending from customers presents customer-wise payment aging notifications, sends SMSs/emails regarding the dues to customers, and amicably enables the recovery of all pending payments
  • The module comes with the faculty to handle time-bound package deals, Offers, Schemes, and customer-specific appropriation/deduction of Loyalty Bonus points
  • Skyfinch offers customized solutions to suit the supplier relationship process requirements of any business. These solutions digitize and streamline the process of:
  • identifying, sourcing, contracting, and procuring the required goods/services from qualified suppliers
  • managing supplier performance
  • implementing technologies, processes, policies, and procedures to support the purchasing process
  • developing and maintaining relationship with suppliers towards healthy prospects
  • generating cost-effective forecasts/theories to meet any kind of supply and demand scenario
  • Reorder/Replenishment notifications are raised to designated personnel based on:
  • Min/Max sales range for any particular date in the previous year(s)
  • Sales for a particular period (days, month, years) from the past
  • Reorder Level specifications
  • Lead times
  • Fall in the prescribed safety-stock-level of any given product
  • Facilitates the designing and printing of barcodes indigenously
  • Enables the generation of stickers using normal laser printer or ink jet printer with the liberty of choosing desired logo and design
  • The system supports dedicated sticker printers, printing A4 size sticker sheets, and partial sheet printing
  • The module supports primary and alternate Routing and furnishes the scope to choose the best-fit option for any given scenario
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS) gives a clear picture of the 'when to produce?' and 'how to produce?' details based on delivery schedules
  • Multiple Scheduling facility of MPS allows the loading demand-data from sales forecast/demand schedule/Sales order and accordingly alter the workflow to reduce wait time and increase on-time deliveries
  • Clear visibility of real-time WIP in terms of FG, rejects, rework, scrap transferred, etc, prompts correct business decisions and optimizes manufacturing efficiency
  • Based on inputs from Routing, MPS, Bill of Materials, Inventory, etc, the system automatically generates material requests for the production order processes
  • The facility to track the materials from Purchases, Subcontract, Shop Floor, and Sales Return at QC, status of materials pending inspection can be spotted and appropriate action can be taken
  • Efficient defect analysis is actuated by assigning defect codes to defective products and digitally tagging them with the details of defect
  • Pareto analysis on attribute data & quality related variable charts enable better preparation and improvements in decision making for future changes
  • System generated quality related variable charts, and non-conformance/ monthly inspection status reports help to improve the Quality Check parameters
  • The efficiency of Quality Management process is enhanced by the ability to track and monitor QC history data, open NCR items, and calibration gauge due & MSA study due records.
  • The module enables the sending of invoices and receipts to customers through SMS, the highlight being the possibility of sending them in the regional language
  • The system is capacitated to generate reports on Daily Sales, Stock position, Cash Register balance, etc for any predefined periodical time span and send them as SMSs to business stakeholders, who can access them even over simple dongle connection
  • Skyfinch integrates the SMS gateway provider with the any business using HTTP API
  • The module is flexible to allow the application/rectification of taxes or addition of taxes anywhere between making Purchase Entry to running the Bill
  • If there is need to collect more than one tax, custom tax structures can be easily designed to assign appropriate tax(s) to items
  • Easy manageability of GST, SGST, CGST, IGST/UGST
  • The software design is scalable to accommodate all future governmental changes that might be attributed to the existing system
  • The system automatically generates all the GST components as per statutory requisites
  • The solution gives scope for the creation of as many Financial Accounts as required
  • Simplified import and export functionality eases the integration of all accounts and transactions in Tally with Skyfinch's accounting platform
  • The flexibility of the solution provides the scope to view financial reports from multiple perspectives
  • The solution capacitates the viewing of Composite Ledgers, and empowers business stakeholders to enjoy a robust Cash Register management system

  • Provision to assign computer system-specific grant/limit of access to business data restricts users from accessing data beyond the necessity of their professional scope
  • Ability to create login IDs, user groups, functionality groups, and capture Action History help to manage access rights effectively
  • The power to determine role-specific access to specific areas of the application and the tenacity to create additional passwords give total control over data security
  • Skyfinch's business-specific customized solution, through multi-level data analytics empowers business owners and decision makers to have key business reports on:
  • The products that top the sales scenario
  • Fast moving items
  • Dump stock & dead stock
  • Peak of business rush hour for effective and efficient staff management
  • Daily sales statistics, sales returns, stock items and short stocks

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