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Managing an event involves a phenomenal amount of mental and physical stress right from its beginning till its end. Skyfinch Event Management System gives a digital dimension to the entire process and renders it free of all the stress involved by almost automating the tedious jobs like tracking, delegating, and monitoring the workflow. The digital streamlining of the conduct of any event right from its Enquiry stage till its successful completion enable Event Managers to effortlessly accomplish any event of any volume and of any quality parameter.

Robust Solution to Scale the Workflow of Any Event

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  • Skyfinch's Event Management module's enquiry form gives companies the scope to upload all enquiry related details like Event name, Event Type, Event Date, Event Venue, Venue's Address, Client's Name and all contact details of the client
  • Based on information uploaded in the enquiry forms, pending enquiry notifications are raised to enable prompt follow ups
  • Once an Event is completed all post-event job entries like delivery of photo albums and video sources can be entered and tracked by making appropriate entries on the Job completion screen
  • Upon confirmation of an order, the Work Order screen furnishes a range of options to register appropriate information and related instructions to delegate, track, monitor and accomplish all activities to successfully conduct and complete any type of Event
  • After filling the Work Order screen, at the very click of the 'Assign' buttoneach employeeto whom jobs have been assigned will receive the respective data required to carry out the jobs assigned to them
  • Skyfinch Event Management solution comes with the option to grant access even to customers so that they can view their package details at anytime, and view or review their payment details through e-Invoice
  • The software automatically designates appropriate technical persons based on Event package requisites
  • The technical persons to whom jobs have been allocated can acknowledge receipt of the job instructions sent to them and the acknowledgement can be viewed by the organizers by verifying the 'Status' cell
  • The system has the provision to accommodate photos and videos in any location desired by the Organizer
  • Work Orders for postEvent job allocations and their status can be viewed on this screen to ensure accomplishment of the tasks without pending
  • After ensuring the successful conduct and completion of an Event, it can be closed by approving all related Work Orders
  • This POD facility of Skyfinch Event management software helps event organizers to register, update, track all the belongings of the client involved in the process to be account for them appropriately
  • The Completed Work Orders screen provides event-wise history for business organizers to gain inputs from precedents to be used for existing orders
  • For all business purposes, the contacts details of all customers along with the respective accounting transactions are maintained by the system
  • Skyfinch has the option to provide username and password to clients to access the system and view e-Albums and videos uploaded by the Organizer and register their comments for each photograph
  • Using this facility clients can also view previews of albums online provide advises to get outputs to the best of their satisfaction

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