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Skyfinch CRM provides absolute real-time visibility into customer relations management activities and helps businesses to track, automate, analyze and optimize customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. The software streamlines and automates a majority of sales activities with the added benefit of capturing real-time scenarios as photographs and relaying the same to the company in real-time. The solution, in addition, helps to evaluate the performance of sales-personnel at the same time enabling sales persons to register their performance-efficiency.

Absolute, Real-time Visibility Powered CRM Automation

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  • The module is designed to be accommodate all data including the contact and location information of Distributors, Retailers, and Salesmen
  • The provision to categorize Distributors based on the supply of single product/SKU or multiple products/SKU provides absolute clarity in prioritizing procurement and distribution of products
  • Clear cut and segmented analysis of market is facilitated by the area-wise configuration of Distributors within State and City market-levels
  • Business agility is maximized by the system by enabling the Distributors to access the Web Panel/Mobile App to accept/reject the orders proposed by the salespersons
  • The system allows the item-wise categorization of SKUs/Products and detangles all complexities involved in grouping the products
  • The facility to attribute Distributor-wise, MRP-wise, city-wise, state-wise, multiple level prices to the same product automatically applies the appropriate price to each and every product based on the type and place of sale
  • Clear visibility of Inventory status is actuated by the projection of size-wise and color-wise definition and stock-level of Products/SKUs
  • Detecting the intricacies of product-performance in the market is made easy by the generation of micro-level market analytics and reports
  • Skyfinch CRM solution captures sales activities on a real time basis through the remote access facility that enables the anytime anywhere any device conduct of business. Sales persons are empowered by this faculty to activate the standard sales procedures of their business by updating as well as accessing business data on a real-time basis. The following are the sales activities triggered by this feature:
  • Salesperson can register the orders received on to their mobile devices or tablets even while they are at the customer's location/outlet. This updates the order details in real-time at the business end
  • From the business end, based on the details and criteria of sale, applicable Schemes and Discounts are automatically applied to the corresponding Invoice
  • In case if there would be a spectrum of schemes applicable for the same sale, the system also provides the customer with the scope of choosing the suitable scheme/discount from the list
  • In the event of not being able to get an order the system provides the sales person with an option to make a 'No Order' entry and/or photograph the client's premises if the shop is closed. This in turn provides business stakeholders with scope of verifying the veracity of the salesperson's presence at the client's venue and the client's premises being closed
  • The solution empowers salespersons to capture the Opening Stock of retailers, and this option in turn empowers the company to define its scope for further sales opportunities
  • This facility helps businesses to track the sales pattern of the retailer and also monitor the transactions/stock movement between the Distributor and the Retailer
  • In general Distributors do not reveal the status of secondary sales to companies. But with the aid of the Skyfinch Primary/Secondary Sales Tracking facility, companies can access the order details in real-time as and when the Sales person takes order from the retailer or customer
  • This facility helps businesses to track the sales pattern of the retailer and also monitor the transactions/stock movement between the Distributor and the Retailer
  • The module propels business agility through accurate real-time forecasts and by enabling business stakeholders to make unfailing innovative business decisions to meet all production requirements and market conditions
  • The Location Tracking facility reveals the geographical location of sales persons during each and every sale
  • The facility does not give the scope for sales persons to indulge in any sort of malpractice as far as the sales activity is concerned
  • The stringent tracking and monitoring capacity of the system enables the cost-efficient conduct of sales visits and also plays a great role in bringing about customer satisfaction
  • Mobile App facility for sales persons to mark their attendance even while they are on the field obligates them to register their geographical presence right when and where they are beginning their working hours and winding up their work for the day
  • The facility gives the companies the power to monitor and register the total working hours of their sales persons and their productivity in the field
  • The solution enables sales persons to capture location-wise, date-wise and time-wise details of sales returns along with a photograph of the product right in the retailer/customer's location itself
  • The system also empowers businesses to cost-efficiently handle Sales/Damage returns by giving clear visibility into the entire process and by providing the complete truths about the scenario
  • The software enables salespersons to capture their entire sales activity and update the company of the status of their progress in real-time along with pictorial support
  • Companies are provided the advantage of an actual visual effect of the scenario of their sales and prospects through the Photo Upload faculty of the software
  • The clear picture provided by the system enhances the tenacity of businesses to powerfully present and display their products at client venues and flourish further
  • Using this module Area-wise, City-wise, District-wise, State-wise, retailer-wise, distributor-wise Beat/Route Plan for sales personnel can be assigned by companies on a daily, monthly, and even yearly basis
  • Sales persons can access and follow the Plan assigned to them through Mobile Apps that only reveal the current day's plan to them on a day to day basis
  • The solution gives the scope to devise a variety of discount schemes based on any parameter like Amount, quantity, etc, for individual products or a group of products or for one particular Invoice or any user-defined criteria
  • The system is flexible to adopt multiple schemes at the same time, streamlines all discount activities, and ensures the accountability of all discount oriented appropriations
  • The software is designed to automatically apply scheme-wise, season-wise, customer-wise, area-wise discounts at any desired time of the sales activity right from the time of taking the order up till Invoicing
  • The solution also gives customers the visibility to choose the discount that befits them the best from the range of discounts offered by the company. This hassle-free provision of discounts ensures total customer satisfaction
  • Skyfinch CRM analyses the performance of discount schemes at multiple levels and presents business stakeholders a clear picture of the success rate of schemes through analytics and reports
  • Skyfinch CRM provides multiple options on the basis of amount, numbers, customers, schemes, client acquisition, etc, to set targets and incentives for sales personnel
  • The targets and Incentives can be set for any desired period starting from a daily basis, through, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis
  • The system provides a clear picture of the target with current and expected level of target oriented performance to the concerned sales persons. This allows the sales personnel to assess and plan their course of action towards achieving their targets and earning their incentives successfully
  • Salesperson-wise analysis of performance provides the management with a clear Report of the performance level of their sales force
  • After logging into the system at the start of the day, if in case salesmen are to work in areas where there might be no network coverage, they can still work offline and make entries and capture photographs as usual on their Mobile/Tab devices
  • Once the salesperson reaches an area where there might be only coverage for 2G network all details including photographs would be immediately transferred to the company database with absolutely no difference in information like actual location and actual time of the operation
  • Irrespective of the mode of payment all payments received by the sales persons are notified to the company in real-time
  • The real-time details of payment received by the company helps it to register and track the payment until it is accounted for
  • Companies can also monitor payments received by salesmen over a period of time and clearly track their status efficiently
  • Skyfinch's business-specific customized solution, through multi-level data analytics empowers business owners and decision makers to have key business reports on:
  • Real Time Order Management
  • Real Time Location Tracking
  • SKU/Product wise performance based on State/City/Market
  • Primary Sales
  • Secondary Sales
  • Daily Weekly Monthly Sales Report
  • Salesman Activity Report
  • Distributor/Retailer/Salesman wise Sales Return
  • Salesman Productivity Report
  • Distributor/Retailer/Salesman wise Sales
  • Opening Stock
  • Dispatches
  • Scheme Performance
  • Payment Collection
  • Target Vs Achievement
  • New Retailer Addition

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