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A business equipped with the cost-effective and elite Skyfinch Visitor Management System (VMS) lures a great first impression out of any person visiting its premises. The software's value added solutions enhance user experience and provides businesses to go the extra mile with visitor management procedures. The special features of Skyfinch's VMS system supports the handling of unlimited visitors and ensures flawless registry, improved Security, enhanced Visitor Service, and accurate Reporting.

Complete control over Visitor Management in the best of Business Interests

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  • Vital particulars of the visitors like, name, designation, employer, business card, purpose for visit, person to be met, intended duration for the meeting, etc, are Registered and verified even at the security desk/gate
  • The Registering facility at the security desk streamlines the visitors' details through all necessary channels up till the hosting employee's computer screen
  • The security personnel in-charge of the system at the entry point, through the 'Check Authorization' provision, has the option to cross-check the availability of the hosting employee
  • The 'Check Authorization' request sends a pop-up screen to the concerned employee's PC asking if he/she would allow or decline the visitor. Only if the employee 'allows', the visitor is issued a Visitor Pass
  • Real-time 'Today's Appointments' and 'Expected Visitors' screens at reception desk help receptionists to efficiently plan and manage visitors
  • The system enhances visitor/user-experience by:
  • Enabling the capture and registry of Visitor's photographs
  • Providing the scope to scan and register visitors' business cards
  • Maintaining and projecting photographic record of visitors
  • Issuance of Visitor Pass with a photograph of the visitor
  • Supporting Vehicle Management by entering visitor's vehicle details
  • Printing photo IDs, Badges, and customized Visitor Passes
  • Once the Visitor Pass is issued the Visitor is shown to the lounge and the hosting employee is notified of the Visitor's status
  • As and when every meeting gets completed the hosting employee is obligated to sign the Visitor Pass
  • If the duration of the meeting exceeds the estimated duration registered by the Visitor/ hosting Employee an automatic check-out notification reminder email is sent to the hosting employee to enforce check-out
  • Each and every Visitor is authorized to exit the business premises only after the signed Visitor Pass is scanned at the exit point. This feature aids the tracking of Visitors' proceedings right from entry till exit
  • The 'Check Authorization' faculty restricts the very issuance of Visitor Pass subject to the authorization of the hosting employee
  • The facility to record the details and restrict the items carried by the visitor ensures total business security
  • The system maintains a complete photographic record of all personnel visiting the business premises and cross checks each visitor with the pre-loaded blacklist and prevents the entry of banned individuals
  • The system maintains a history of visitors and at any time allows the viewing of check in count, check out count, visitor count, etc.
  • The maintenance of Visitor History enables efficient Visitor Management auto-filling details of visitors, who are revisiting
  • The system enhances user-experience by empowering the access to visitor details/reports from all authorized terminals related to Visitor Management
  • The system generates Day-wise, month-wise, and custom filtered Visitor reports to capture the desired vector of Visitor data
  • Frequent Visitor records are maintained by the solution to enhance Visitor service, and other appropriate business benefits
  • Statistics generated by visitor reports can be viewed on Dashboards
  • Skyfinch VMS allows the pre-registration of Visitors through a simple web page procedure
  • provides authorized employees with the facility to pre-register visitors online
  • Pre-registered Visitors are notified of the registration through automatically generated 'Visit Details' email alerts and are requested to honor the appointment with a reply
  • Pre-registered Visitors issued online Visitor Pass or Visitor Pass on arrival
  • Once a pre-registered Visitor gets past the entry point an automatic 'Check-in Notification' email intimating the arrival of the visitor is sent to the hosting employee

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