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Corporate Travel Management

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Skyfinch Corporate Travel Management solution enables corporate companies to adhere to company policies, while efficiently facilitating the business travel requirements of its employees. The Skyfinch digital platform simplifies the entire process by integrating all related business units and by assimilating all concerned data in a common repository. This gives clear visibility into all travel data and keeps the management and employees enlightened with the correct information. Single version of real-time data regarding the travel expenses and reasons for expenses is streamlined to accounting departments to enable hassle-free receipt of reports and issue of reimbursements.

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Digital Platform to Streamline and Control Corporate Travel Process & Budget

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  • The module enables corporate offices to register the source and destination of travel of employees and appropriately book onward and return journey tickets on the eligible mode & class of transport (bus/train/flight)
  • The solution also facilitates the booking of cab/transit requirements at the source and destination points
  • As per the eligibility criteria of the employees accommodation facilities can be booked through the system
  • The system makes provision for the offices to make reservations as per the travel plan and also enables the travelling staff themselves to make the reservations, which could be later updated in the system
  • The limits and liabilities of the company in granting travel concession to its employees based on their cadre and criteria of employment can be pre-defined in the Risk Management solution
  • The system effectively controls the allocation of travel concessions to the staff by raising alerts if any travel arrangement or claim exceeds the scope of the concerned employee's pre-defined eligibility parameters
  • Skyfinch Corporate Travel Management software's Mobile App solution enables the corporate traveler to stay connected with the office and extend or alter or enhance any corporate travel plan from anywhere at anytime
  • The system's Mobile App empowers uninterrupted conduct of corporate travel plans by providing complete details of the itinerary to the traveler and the management and by enabling appropriate requests and authorizations whenever and wherever necessary
  • The App empowers designated authorities to issue Mobile Approvals for Travel Request, Travel Settlements, Advance requests, Advance Settlement, etc
  • The solution empowers corporate travel by allowing the integration of Travel Agency support in the form of a Travel Desk in the very premises of the Corporate Office
  • The system integrates the Travel Desk functionalities to stay in tune with the corporate policies and appropriately evaluate travel plans and arrange for transportation, transit, accommodation, etc.
  • The software supports Travel Desks to manage with ease the travel schedules of individual employees and also groups
  • The software maintains a record of the travel credentials accumulated by employees like, frequent flier points/discounts, and empowers the Travel Desks take due advantage to economically handle corporate travels
  • The system is also robust enough to support international travel and duly tracks, monitors, and notifies the Travel Desks appropriately to ensure that all the necessary visas and other documentation of employees traveling abroad are in order
  • Upon approval of a travel request the system facilitates the management to issue cash to the concerned employee(s) to enable advance bookings and provide hand-cash for travelers; and also maintain a record of the transactions
  • Apart from travel related purposes, the system also provides companies with the scope of releasing cash to employees towards celebrating office functions and other regional/seasonal festivals, and for registering the same as advance payment for travel and still render it accountable appropriately
  • The hierarchy of approving authorities for travel request can be pre-defined in the system
  • Once a travel request is raised, the request is automatically ascended through the pre-defined hierarchy based on status of approval at each stage
  • The approving authorities are empowered to approve or deny travel requests at anytime and from anywhere, even while on the move through the solution's Mobile Approval facility
  • Upon completion of the business trip the system actively tracks if the concerned employee(s) have submitted the travel expense settlement details. If not, an alert is raised to ensure that all the related details are registered in order
  • Skyfinch Corporate Travel Management module's stringent tracking, monitoring, and notifying facility effectively follows the entire chain of activities involved in the digital process and instantly alerts all concerned personnel with:
  • Travel Request Approval notification whenever a travel request is raised and is pending approval at any stage of the hierarchical chain
  • Email notifications to the Requestor whenever a travel request is approved
  • Pending Settlement notifications to employees, who have not submitted travel expense settlement details after completing the business trip
  • Skyfinch's digital solution for Corporate Travel management is designed to display the availability status of all possible modes of transport like Flights, Trains, and Coaches/Buses based on the source and destination places of any given travel request
  • Similarly for any given destination of a travel request a range of hotels available along with their respective vacancy status is furnished by the system to ease the booking process

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