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Skyfinch Restaurant Sales management system integrates all business components involved in the restaurant sales activity. The automation of crucial factors like table management, KOT, etc enables the close tracking and monitoring of the proceedings to efficiently actuate customer satisfaction. The solution comes with a flurry of advantages for back office order management, delivery planning, invoicing, reporting, accounting, etc. Skyfinch's software for restaurant sales management is the ultimate tool for the successful operation of restaurants of any size or type.

Complete Solution for Quick & Error-Free Restaurant Sales Process

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  • Iconographic billing interface with or without touch screen
  • Pictorial representation food and beverage types on the invoice screen ease the selection of item
  • Manual Price Control facility enables the effortless selection of the applicable rates at any given time for items with multiple Prices
  • The provision to create multiple price lists enables the risk-free assessment of discount rates
  • Option to accept payments through multiple payment modes improves customer experience and ensures prompt receipt of payments
  • Data-wise visibility into the list of food & beverages gives drastic ability to quickly locate the item mentioned or required by clients
  • The presence of the automated Offers and Schemes Management solution on the billing screen enables to promptly assign applicable offers to customers and elicit customer satisfaction
  • Ability to handle Dine-In, Take Away, and Home Delivery orders with ease; have category-wise view of items, and set search filters for easy search are other benefits
  • The Skyfinch Order Management faculty's Dashboard facility gives a clear picture of the status of all in-house and pick-up orders on a single screen
  • Customized to fit any restaurant functionality the system is flexible enough to allow the performance of any desired order management workflow
  • The ability to track and prioritize orders based on customer preference or business requisites is a tactical tool to handle bottlenecks
  • The facility to simultaneously print restaurant sales related documents on two different printers enhances business agility by generating hard copies of order/business information at 2 different places at the same time
  • The Skyfinch Delivery Management solution supports multiple price lists for in-house, take-home, and door delivery orders and automatically assigns the appropriate price based on the type of service
  • Facility to store multiple customer-addresses in the Delivery management system reduces the processing time for deliveries
  • The feasibility to assign appropriate delivery staff for any given delivery and to maintain a report about each delivery gives total control over the process
  • By predefining the number of tables with respective seating capacity in the iconographic interface powered system Table management becomes as easy as having things done at the touch of an icon
  • Easy tracking and monitoring facility enables the stress-free management of rush hour table allocations
  • Hall-wise multiple price list projection allows the handling of tables at different halls through the same system
  • The system automatically reserves tables as per entries made for reservation, notifies the appropriate staff, and eradicates all possibilities for any conflict of interest in table allocations
  • Ability to check availability of table on future dates enable the efficient assignment of reservations and maximize customer satisfaction
  • The tracking tenacity of the module empowers the generation of KOTs for billing from a single counter irrespective of the number or type of food counters the items are collected from to cater to a single client
  • KOTs can also printed for items grouped counter wise on same or separate printers assigned for the purpose on the network
  • The facility to simultaneously print KOTs on two different printers enhances business agility gaining on the transit time of KOTs from captain to kitchen
  • Skyfinch solution for Restaurant Sales management enables the user-friendly and quick creation of KOT document number and date
  • KOTs made in Invoices, Estimates, and Advance Booking documents can be viewed
  • Even before Invoice could be generated the system allows the printing of KOTs for review of record
  • The solution enables the generation of the copies of KOTs in the form of SMSs to be sent to customers and intended users
  • Skyfinch software keeps a count of the number of KOTs printed and eliminates all scope for malpractice
  • The solution can project an estimation of the value of raw materials required to prepare the items for any given food order
  • Define the Bill of Material for each and every item on a menu along with their respective making costs, thereby enabling the efficient and competitive pricing of food items
  • The system balances between the stock and the sale of food items by reducing the stock of raw materials that are set to be involved in the making of the food in each sale
  • Skyfinch Restaurant Sales module has the tenacity to accurately calculate the selling price of products based on the percentage of profit desired by business owners
  • Dump stock reports give a vector of wastage and provides the scope to rein in the level of wastage
  • The solution has the genius to calculate the amount of raw materials required for bulk orders and match it against the available stock and project a report of shortage in stock and the cost involved to procure the same
  • Multi-level tactical sales-checks made possible by 'Quick View' of last few bills and the terminal-wise 'Quickly View' faculty
  • The ability to understand the actual stature of business proceeds is enhanced by the modules facility to furnish:
  • Daily sales oriented Inventory view
  • Daily sales oriented multi-level rolled up totals view
  • Sales Total view for any date & time range
  • View of sales invoices of items mentioned in Daily Sales view
  • Items-Wise analytics of daily sales
  • The module enables the sending of invoices and receipts to customers through SMS, the highlight being the possibility of sending them in the regional language
  • The system is capacitated to generate reports on Daily Sales, Stock position, Cash Register balance, etc for any predefined periodical time span and send them as SMSs to business stakeholders, who can access them even over simple dongle connection
  • Skyfinch integrates the SMS gateway provider with the any business using HTTP API
  • The module is flexible to allow the application/rectification of taxes or addition of taxes anywhere between making Purchase Entry to running the Bill
  • If there is need to collect more than one tax, custom tax structures can be easily designed to assign appropriate tax(s) to items
  • Easy manageability of GST, SGST, CGST, IGST/UGST
  • The software design is scalable to accommodate all future governmental changes that might be attributed to the existing system
  • The system automatically generates all the GST components as per statutory requisites
  • The solution gives scope for the creation of as many Financial Accounts as required
  • Simplified import and export functionality eases the integration of all accounts and transactions in Tally with Skyfinch's accounting platform
  • The flexibility of the solution provides the scope to view financial reports from multiple perspectives
  • The solution capacitates the viewing of Composite Ledgers, and empowers business stakeholders to enjoy a robust Cash Register management system
  • Skyfinch's business-specific customized solution, through multi-level data analytics empowers business owners and decision makers to have key business reports on:
  • The products that top the sales scenario
  • Fast moving items- Fast moving items
  • Dump stock & dead stock
  • Peak of business rush hour for effective and efficient staff management
  • Daily sales statistics, sales returns, stock items and short stocks
  • Provision to assign computer system-specific grant/limit of access to business data restricts users from accessing data beyond the necessity of their professional scope
  • Ability to create login IDs, user groups, functionality groups, and capture Action History help to manage access rights effectively
  • The power to determine role-specific access to specific areas of the application and the tenacity to create additional passwords give total control over data security

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