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Skyfinch Hotel Management System enhances business agility and accuracy in a user friendly manner to maximize customer satisfaction. The system integrates all the functional units of hotel businesses of any size and scope, and streamlines the entire business process by displaying all relevant real-time business status on the screen of the respective User's Interface. The accurate reports based on all the key performance touch points of the hotel business help hotel owners and decision makers to make quick and correct business decisions and successfully handle all market situations with ease.

The End to End Digital Solution for the Workflow of All Hotel Types

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  • Skyfinch Hotel Management System is designed to maintain a smart vector of Room Inventory and automatically allocate rooms based on number of guests, duration of stay, guest-preferences, etc.
  • The solution's ingenuity to automatically allocate rooms to guests on arrival is configured in such a way that each and every room is utilized to its optimum to generate maximum profit/yield
  • The system's ability to accommodate and handle the entry of multiple guest names and sharers for a single room enables to optimize room occupancy rate through schemes like 'twin sharing' and more
  • The provision to accept post room deposits/key money ensures that guest-attributed damages or losses are duly covered without any disputes
  • The module supports the printing of Guest check-in card in advance or upon Check-in for both individual and bulk bookings
  • The system allows the cancellation of unresolved Check-ins before Night Audit and guarantees the accuracy and reliability of accounting
  • The module, through its faculty to digitally handle Check-in formalities, enhances user-experience and customer satisfaction by enabling:
  • Group Check-ins
  • Granting negotiated room rates as approved by authority
  • Extending stays
  • Automatic allocation of breakfasts/meals and other add-on services for inclusive rates; and
  • Secured and direct online Credit Card payment processing using web-based interface
  • Skyfinch's Check-out module for Hotel Management system is enabled to print Invoices with multiple splits and generate route them to meet all required purposes
  • The system captures late check-outs and applies Hotel Policy specific extra charges
  • Hassle-free billing is powered by the software's tenacity to combine or split bills based on Room Sharing and Group Room policies specific to hotels
  • The integration of the front office and accounting departments enables the easy movement of charges between accounts and room bills
  • The module facilitates the recording of reference numbers like cheque number, e-receipt numbers, authorization codes, etc for non cash payments in order to track and ensure realization of payment
  • The system allows the reinstatement of unresolved Check-outs for the day before Night Audit and guarantees the accuracy and reliability of accounting
  • The module enhances user experience by offering cash counter support, Receipt printing, automatically registering appropriate room charges for Night Audit, allowing the suppression/reversal of auto room charges and then manual posting, and automatically generating periodical invoices for corporate clients
  • The module, through its faculty to digitally handle Check-in formalities, enhances user-experience and customer satisfaction by enabling:
  • Group check-outs
  • Acceptance of payment in multiple currencies and through multiple payment modes like Debit/Credit cards, Bill forwarding to Companies, Cheques, Traveler's Cheques, etc
  • Secured and direct online Credit Card payment processing using web-based interface
  • The system empowers Front Office Executives to swiftly gain knowledge of room statuses to efficiently honor Guests' special requests, like assigning specific rooms, adjoining rooms, multiple rooms in the same floor, etc
  • The module captures the arrival date/time and departure date/time of guests, the extra services availed by them during their stay; and promptly applies the appropriate extra charges
  • Hassle-free group reservation is actuated by the solution's capability to make bookings and collect deposits for multiple room reservations under a common bill under a single person's/group leader's name
  • Billing for group accommodations can be effortlessly handled through the channeling of all bill related details to the group leader by the facility to record the name and room number of the group leader into the system
  • Skyfinch HMS streamlines business function by enabling confirmation of reservations through emails and fax, and by raising notifications to track guests' schedules in the best interests of the business
  • The system helps hotels to capture the source of each business, effectively identify leads gained from agents along with the corresponding agent code/information, and promptly calculate and remit the commission
  • The Reservation Management module gives total visibility into the occupancy status of the hotel on multiple levels of room statuses namely, available, checked-in, checked-out, reserved, and blocked
  • The room availability lookup screen, and the summary & stay information grid provide all concerned personnel in the hotel with the real-time situation of the hotel's occupancy status
  • The solution central data repository maintains a complete history of all the guests that has ever stayed in the hotel right from their name, address, email address, fax number, phone number, through credit card(s), company, member/number, preferences, free format notes, revenues, sources of business, groups, companies, up till credit limits for guests, agents, etc
  • User-experience is enhanced by the solution's ability to automatically fill all guest details for clients, who visit the hotel a second time or more, and by enabling a look up for reservations based on last/first/group name or confirmation number through a single search
  • Customer-experience for guests staying more than once in the hotel can be maximized by tracking their preferences from the system's record of Guest History including dates, rates paid, total expenditure, sharers, preferences, and notes
  • Skyfinch HMS's Housekeeping module keeps the housekeeping department informed of the list of every day's check-ins, check-outs, occupied, and vacancies details with appropriate repair or maintenance notes
  • The concerned staff can register the room status on the system as dirty or clean or inspected or under repair and enable housekeeping and Front Office staff to view the real-time status of the room to take action respectively
  • The solution integrates the housekeeping and front office departments and activates a sequence of actions like:
  • Assigning daily task for housekeepers,
  • Tracking housekeeping activities,
  • Ensuring that maintenance is carried out,
  • Inspecting and reporting room status after maintenance,
  • Maintaining a report of housekeeping activities, etc
  • Skyfinch's HMS Accounting module's General Ledger is totally integrated with all the financial touch points of the hotel business, and assimilates all financial data into the system's common data repository
  • The assimilation of all financial data in the system's common data repository presents a single version of real-time financial status to hotel owners and other stakeholders, and enables them to make quick and accurate decisions
  • The solution quickens the business process by enabling Front Office personnel to access all accounting data for each and every guest from a single point and accurately carry out billing directly from the desk
  • Accounts payable and Accounts receivable functionalities with Aging analytics and reports help business stakeholders to have an actual picture of the Receivables and Payables scenario of the business
  • The system helps hotel owners to ensure the financial credibility of their business by prompting them to aptly prioritize payments and by alerting them to ensure the collection of all pending receivables
  • All vendor details like name, address, email address, phone numbers, contact names, products supplied, prices of product supplied, etc, can be stored on the system
  • The system helps hotels to capture the source of each business, effectively identify leads gained from agents along with the corresponding agent code/information, and promptly calculate and remit the commission
  • The POS system for Restaurant, Cafe, Laundry, Convenience Store, Travel Desk, etc, is totally integrated with the Guest Accounts and Sales; and actuates the following conveniences:
  • The staff at the concerned outlets can either collect payment on the spot or post the charges to the guest's room account;
  • Charge additional charges for phone calls, movies, internet, etc, to the guest's account;
  • Register guest messages & delivery confirmations; and
  • Streamline the management of tasks between departments and POS
  • Skyfinch POS module for HMS comes with a touch screen facility and enables online payments processing for debit/credit cards
  • The user-friendly interface can be operated on any PABX or PBX system across the world
  • The software's faculty to grant role-specific access rights to business stakeholders and other desired personnel ensures provision of high-profile data like real-time financial status only to authorized users
  • The system provides the scope to assign access rights through Management / Super Administrator / Administrator logins and enables the management of multiple hotel properties
  • The solution can accommodate unlimited number of users to ensure the efficient digital accomplishment of all the business process requirements of any hotel regardless of size and scope
  • Skyfinch HMS software enables hotel owners and decision makers to handle all market situations by making agile and accurate business decisions with the help of the multi-level real-time reporting capability of the system. The key reports generated by the solution are:
  • Cost centre-wise reports based on inputs from POS system for restaurant, caf´┐Ż, laundry, travel desk, etc;
  • Detailed up-to-the-minute House Status reports;
  • Reports on total room revenue, average room rate, RevPAR;
  • Corporate Direct Billing Ledger and Ageing reports;
  • Prior day, current month to date and current year to date;
  • House count report;
  • Statistical history and forecast;
  • Rooms availability/Occupancy %;
  • No shows, cancellations report;
  • Report on rate variations & discounts offered;
  • Travel agent commission;
  • Detailed charge & payment journal;
  • Reservations, check-ins, check-outs report;
  • Average guest stay duration;
  • Balances by not due, due, overdue and total; and
  • Report on payments received through various payment modes like cash, cheque, Credit/Debit card, Travelers Cheque, etc.

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